Theodros Aregas Exile Blog

Theodros Aregas Exile Blog

The journalist Theodros Arega from Ethiopia is blogging about his life and his situation as an undocumented immigrant in Sweden. He first came to Sweden in 2004 and was denied asylum a few years later. Here you can follow his fight for freedom and the right to express himself without being censored.

Almedalen, full of surprises

I know I should have written this exactly on the same day but I chosen to post it to show my gratitude to Global Reporting staff members and organizer of Almedalsveckan which allowed me to be present and express myself.

Almedalsveckan but where are the ‘Immigrants’?

Well, when I mean immigrants I should be clear otherwise the term itself is very broad and represents various generations of people from various countries around the world who, settled in Sweden for various reasons.  When I say immigrants, I am not talking about those high-maintenance persons with designer-made outfits, expensive attires who are staying at some the fancy hotels where all t

Almedalsveckan Good or Bad to Visby?

I arrived to Almedalsveckan in Visby early in the afternoon on Monday, after having a sleepless night and waking up every hour-panicking (very typical of me) not to miss the earliest train which takes me to the central st

Is the Riot in Stockholm over?

I know, I should have written this piece last week while Stockholm was in the spotlight from China to Spain, from Russia to the UK, due to the riot which engulfed with hundreds of cars set ablaze in many of the suburbs of the town.

"I have no plan B"

That's what Armenian asylum seeking painter and activist Narek Aghajanyan told me at the opening of his 8th exhibition, held last week at a small pizzeria located outside of  Gävle, when I asked him what he would do if the Swedish Migration Board rejects the new asylum request he made after his second child was born one month ago.

Mobile Museum?

Well, I found the ‘visible’ not the so ‘visible immigrants’ thanks to an ex-intern of GlobalReporting whom I met while hanging around in Visby. After a few ‘how’re you and what have you up to’? I told my friend that I’m looking for immigrants who could give their thoughts how it feels to be a center of discussion without being them present.

What's Swedishness and who are Swedes?

So, what’s Swedishness and who are ‘Swedes’ who are not ‘Swedes’? This contentious subject has been in the public domain over the decades but the question if there is one definition of Swedishness to which everyone agrees and fits in or does not fit in? For example here’s what I found the following definition of the Swedish government on the wikipedia    


I just arrived to Almedalsveckan in Visby. I keep you posted.

Homeless person walks almost all night

It was Sunday afternoon.