Fotograf: Paul Hansen, Dagens Nyheter

Controversy over Swedish Picture of the year

When the result of the Swedish picture of the year contest was announced, a picture by photographer Paul Hansen from the daily Dagens Nyheter gained first prize in international reportage. The picture was of a killed 15 year old girl, Fabienne, who survived the earthquake but was shot by the police.

There is no doubt that the picture is strong. The problem, somehow, is that a similar picture, but with a girl in a different postion was published by the Guardian (photographer Carlos Garcia Rawlings, Reuters). Did any of the photographers move the body? Paul Hansen denies this in an article below (Swedish only). However, even more troublesome is the picture taken by the photographer Nathan Weber which depicts a number of photographers sitting in front of a dead body trying to find the best angle.

In the blog Prison Photography by Pete Brook there is an ambitious discussion on the issue (Photographing Fabienne), including interviews with several of the photographers who took the picture. 

Read more about the images at Prison Photography

Paul Hansens image of Fabienne in DN

Paul Hansens bild ifrågasatt

The image by Nathan Weber

Article published in The Guardian